Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CHOICES "Get On Track For Career, Education & Life Seminar" in Montego Bay.... and a good time was had by all!

What a great few days out it was!
Our CHOICES team travelled from Kingston/St. Andrew via St. Catherine, Clarendon, through St. Ann, Trelawny and then down into St. James enjoying all of the scenic moments along with way, all in the effort to bring our show "Get On Track For Career, Education & Life Seminar" to schools in the western parishes.
We breezed through the Jamaican countryside, touching on 7 out of 14 parishes during our travels.
The hills of the central land mass drew awe-inspiring gasps as we passed through lush, green hills and valleys, small, quaint communities, and then saw the view of the coast and the sparkling blue Caribbean Sea, stopping along the way to visit key schools such as Porus High, Alston High, Aabuthnott Gallimore, Brown's Town High and others.
The schools of the western parishes turned out in large numbers for the one-day event on Thursday October 29 forcing more chairs to be added to the already well-laid out and spacious accommodation afforded by The West Jamaica Conference Centre at Mt. Salem.
Exhibitors represented educational and other entities both local to Montego Bay and also many Kingston-based who also made the journey to the west.
The lively stage programme was a pleasant mix of serious and sober and fun and frolic with talks and presentations and fun and games throughout the day. Even Barak Obama shared in the activities from the stage making his own presentation via DVD like CHOICES and its Get Ready For Work DVD and G-Whiz and his inspiring words in "On and On".
Boys in attendance participated in their special group activity led by Craig McNally and entitled "Reach for the Stars" while counsellors and teachers attended a special presentation by Mr. Steven Kerr of the Planning Institute of Jamaica on the subject "“Education, A Job, Entrepreneurship? Which Option Right now?”
Some went away with prizes won for smart answers, wise words and fun activities. All went away much wiser, more enlightened, more certain of their career and educational path. All were energised for their journey ahead.
Look out for CHOICES on its next journey to your part of the island/Caribbean.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Joke - It's funny!

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layouts myspace

Craig McNally
told this joke recently - bet he's told it over and over again!
"A teacher speaking to a parent at a school parents' day informed the mother that he was sure her son was planning a career as a deep sea diver. Why? Because all of his grades are below C-level.

"My daughter's doing business but wants to switch to nursing."

"I'm always the last to leave. Am I slow or what?"

"My desk is always in a mess. Will I be fired?"

CHOICES "Studying in Montego Bay" Issue Now Out

The latest issue of CHOICES Career & Education Magazine is now ready and available. The issue has as its theme "On The Right Track" and features stories on "Studying in Montego Bay"; "Sure Pass Exam Survival Tips"; "Who's Gonna Run This Town Tonight?", "Making A Good Decision" and lots more. Call us now to order your/school copies - 876-969-5741

"My Boss Is Too Busy to Talk To Me"

by Angela deFreitas
Boss always too busy to talk to you?
Is this your problem when you have important matters to iron out in order to get on with your job?
Some - in fact most - bosses are extraordinarily busy. It is, however, not unreasonable to expect some amount of quality time with this superior, especially if you are new on the job and still trying to fit in and "find your way around your work".
In order to get around this problem see if you can negotiate a regular period for updating or a brief information session of some sort. If you get to understand your boss's habits you may have to get into the office early in order to get a few moments before this elusive person is off to the first meeting of the day, or be prepared to stay after hours in order to get in those essential questions.
If your boss is a traveller and is out of office a great deal, in or out of the country, see if you can have cell access or communicate via skype or other IM service. Or, there may be abother senior member of staff with whom you can liaise on certain specific issues.
This can be a real turn-off especially if your work becomes delayed due to this situation. However, try not to become too frustrated. Reading back files can sometimes also provide answers you need.
Copyright 2009 CHOICES Career Advice

"Why Won't Anyone Hire Me?"

If you're asking yourself that question, watch this space for answers.

What Can I do With My CXC Subjects?

Is this a question which you have asked yourself or heard friends asking each other?
Well, our CHOICES Career & Education Magazine issue themed "Your CXC's" will help you to answer that question.
This issue gives you a run-down of all CXC's CSEC and CAPE subjects and will also help you to match your subjects with careers and tertiary institutions.
Get your copies from Sansgter's Book Stores or from CHOICES at 876-969-5741.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

CHOICES Montego Bay Get On Track Seminar - Thank you all.

CHOICES has staged another major seminar,"Get On Track For Career, Education & Life", this time in Montego Bay for schools in the western end of the island. It was a great success with a large turn-out of students, counsellors and teachers attending. We want to thank our sponsors, George Brown College from Toronto, Canada, The Gleaner Newspaper, Sangster's Book Stores, The Tax Administration Services Department and the University College of the Caribbean along with the twenty exhibitors, and also companies which donated prizes and snack items of food and drinks for the event. We recognise that we can never achieve what we set out to without the the help and encouragement of companies, friends and supporters such as you. We shower you with gratitude and every good wish for your future prosperity.