Thursday, June 11, 2009

Message from the Minister

Message by Jamaica's Minister of Education, Hon. Andrew Holness, for Choices Career & Education Exposition 2009

"Choosing a career is a big decision.

For more than 10 years Choices Career and Education Exposition has been helping to make this decision easier by providing information on education, training and careers.

The Ministry of Education lauds the Choices Career and Education Exposition on its work.

The information provided by Choices is necessary, not only in helping young people prepare for life after school, but in helping to shape the Jamaica we want.

The careers chosen by young people will determine whether Jamaica has sufficient research scientists, actuaries, public relations specialists, computer engineers and other professionals needed for the country to achieve its targets for 2030. The information provided by Choices is critical in this regard, it can also help in the fight to reduce the number of youth at risk.

Jamaica has a serious problem with youth at risk, especially as it relates to young males, who are the main victims and perpetrators of crime.

The government is implementing a number of social intervention programmes aimed at changing the "at risk" status of many youth. Many of these young people do not know how to go about using the limited education they have to find jobs, or they are unaware of the avenues open to them for additional training.

Choices can help by providing information to young people, particularly the approximately 38,000 students every year, who, due to underperformance, will not be able to matriculate to higher education. Choices can provide information that that these underperforming young people can use to direct their lives.

Best wishes and all the best on your exposition.

God bless you."

June 2, 2009