Monday, November 2, 2009

Joke - It's funny!

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Craig McNally
told this joke recently - bet he's told it over and over again!
"A teacher speaking to a parent at a school parents' day informed the mother that he was sure her son was planning a career as a deep sea diver. Why? Because all of his grades are below C-level.

"My daughter's doing business but wants to switch to nursing."

"I'm always the last to leave. Am I slow or what?"

"My desk is always in a mess. Will I be fired?"

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"My Boss Is Too Busy to Talk To Me"

by Angela deFreitas
Boss always too busy to talk to you?
Is this your problem when you have important matters to iron out in order to get on with your job?
Some - in fact most - bosses are extraordinarily busy. It is, however, not unreasonable to expect some amount of quality time with this superior, especially if you are new on the job and still trying to fit in and "find your way around your work".
In order to get around this problem see if you can negotiate a regular period for updating or a brief information session of some sort. If you get to understand your boss's habits you may have to get into the office early in order to get a few moments before this elusive person is off to the first meeting of the day, or be prepared to stay after hours in order to get in those essential questions.
If your boss is a traveller and is out of office a great deal, in or out of the country, see if you can have cell access or communicate via skype or other IM service. Or, there may be abother senior member of staff with whom you can liaise on certain specific issues.
This can be a real turn-off especially if your work becomes delayed due to this situation. However, try not to become too frustrated. Reading back files can sometimes also provide answers you need.
Copyright 2009 CHOICES Career Advice

"Why Won't Anyone Hire Me?"

If you're asking yourself that question, watch this space for answers.

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