Thursday, July 23, 2009

KA-JU Fashion Fiesta @ Choices Expo June 2, 2009



About KA-JU

KA_JU Dressmaking & Fashion Institute

Offers courses designed to give you the skills you need for a new career.
Since 1987 over Twenty one thousand men and women have enrolled in KA-JU seeking a new career and a better quality of life.

The school was established on the 5th of October 1987. Mrs. Kelly Abrahams (Principal of KA-JU) recognized that young people who were seeking a career in the field of dressmaking and fashion designing could not find an institution that taught freehand cutting. She embarked on a programme that would allow students to become accomplished dressmakers by using the free hand method of cutting.
Over the years other courses were added to the programme, such as Drapery, Quilting, Soft Upholstery, Blinds and Shades (Interior D├ęcor) Fabric Painting, Lingerie and Floral Arrangements.

KA-JU has maintained a tradition of excellence for over twenty years.
The school accept students from all Socio-Economic Spheres of the society. A number of past students are successful owners of boutiques both locally and overseas.