Monday, February 1, 2010

"We Jammin" - Getting Ready for Carnival

Trinis are getting ready for carnival. You can feel it in the air and see the preparations going on - they're knocking, banging, hammeing, putting up, fencing,tents, booths, stages. The Savannah is being walked all lover by exercisers preparing body and mind for the biggest jump-up festival....and, of course, Beyonce to top it all off.


Just imagine - 12 rows of double seats. You stand at the front of the plane and see very clearly everyone who is in there with no problem.......and especially when there are only 6, 8 or 10 passengers travelling - quite often the case.
The LIAT Dash 8 is certainly not the smallest plane I have travelled in but none-the-less it can be a bit scary at first.
When the situation occurred for the first time in the past I stood at the front of the cabin and thought "Hmm. This is the first class, so where are the rest of the seats?
You get used to it really fast, however, when you are taking two and three flights in the same day. After a while you're walking across the tarmac with great ease and literally bouncing up that short flight of steps.
Even the initial determination of not flying after dark quickly goes through the window when you have no other choice. The idea also of not flying for too long in such a plane has to be forgotten. When you have no choice, the hour and 20 minutes for example from Antigua to St. Vincent just has to be accepted. With some flights being oh so short there's hardly a minute to blink, or think, too hard. Average flying time between islands is as short as 25 minutes.
And, guess what, LIAT's reputation to "Leave Island Any Time" is nearly a thing of the past. All flights "Left Island On Time" and in some cases arrived earlier than expected. In one particular case it both left and arrived earlier than expected almost leaving me drinking tea and socialising with friends in the upstairs cafeteria. It was one mad dash through immigration, security and to the departure gate to jump in just before the doors closed.