Monday, April 13, 2009

The How and Why of "Biz Ad" for One Post-Grad Student

By Kerry-Ann Smith

After laying a solid educational foundation at the secondary level, the real journey began at the tertiary level. “What to do?” “What to major in?” were thoughts that plagued me as a teen. An answer soon came, not out of the blue, but through serious self analysis. Suffice it to say I completed a Bachelors of Arts in Mass Communication with a minor in Psychology, at the Northern Caribbean University, with an outstanding Grade Point Average. What does that say to you? No I wasn’t anything super special; I just have a knack for the arts. So how did I get involved in Business Administration? Again I’m running ahead of myself.
About a month after getting my degree I started working at a reputable media house. There I found out what it meant to multi-task. Work was never a drag yet I felt incomplete, something was missing. I wanted something new, something challenging, something inexpensive, the latter being a very important element.
Eventually I was told about the Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Administration being offered at the Mona School of Business at the University of the West Indies. Of course being an arts student, and after running from anything involving calculation from primary school, I gave the programme no thought. You have to understand, I did math at the CXC level in 4th form just so I could be rid of it, I wanted nothing to do with computation!
But generally life does come full circle and I enrolled in the part-time programme. At times I wondered what I got myself into especially when I encountered accounting. I had sleepless nights and days where I had to catch quick naps during my lunch time, and sometimes during working hours. Once I felt I was on the brink of insanity.
I do not regret the move though. The programme, which was quite affordable, took only 8 months. The lecturers made learning straightforward, and the best part was that we were often placed in groups so that the weaker ones, like myself, would be able to learn from the more experienced persons. I must pause right here to thank Cohort 8 for their help – THANKS GUYS!
The coordinators of the programme were very accessible and very accommodating, so much so that our group felt like we were more special than all the all the groups before us. Class schedules were very flexible, and who can forget those well-needed coffee or tea breaks.
Assignments were graded on time, promptly returned and discussed in class, so that we could all learn from mistakes made. And those tutorial sessions, really helped me to tighten my grasp on the whole concept of macro and micro economics.
Through dedication to the task, an aim to succeed and Christ at the helm I have proven the dictum to be true: “Education + Christ = Success”.
Note well, I have not yet fully attained, as success like education is a continuous process. I am not yet at the zenith of my mountainous experience, the journey continues. When next we meet I’m sure I’ll have another interesting story to share. Until then go out and be a success, you too can start or continue the journey - think it, believe it, THEN ACT!

Twenty-three year-old Kerry Ann Smith is an employee of the Jamaica Information Service, where she is a Writer/Producer/Presenter and ENG AVID Editor. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration as well as a degree in Mass Communication. Through her community and church Kerry Ann is an English Tutor, Motivational Speaker, Youth Counsellor, Public Relations Consultant and Audio/Visual Director.
Kerry Ann also holds a certificate from the Edna Manley College in Voice and placed first in many singing competitions. She was also crowned most talented in the Miss Jamaica Festival Queen Competition, the Spanish Town leg of the competition and is currently a member of a well-known trio in St. Catherine - “Appointed”.