Sunday, April 12, 2009


by Angela de Freitas
Career Writer
In these days of computers and other easy methods of storage it's a good idea for job seekers to have more than one resume at-the-ready to suit different needs or different job applications. If, for example you have skills in diverse areas such as accounting and maybe administrative work, you may want to use the technique of including an "Objective" at the start of the resume. With this strategy you can change the objective to suit the needs of the job for which you are applying without then having to change the body of the resume. Also, today, with so much emphasis being on 'skills' and the possibility of the inevitable question "what skills can you bring to this company?" your resume will be able to answer that clearly and quite visibly. By doing different versions of your resume - targeted at different skills-sets and job descriptions - you will be able to respond more easily with each new application. Re-designing your resume has the effect of refreshing and revitalising the impression you create in the eyes of potential employers. Taking the time to customise a resume with this in mind can bring real rewards. In general, if you are seeking a new position, it's in your best interest to blow your own trumpet regarding the new experience, skills and accomplishments gained at the previous job. No-one else will do that for you and this is the only chance you get to add that boost to your resume. Consider also that in this job market there are more takers than jobs so for every job available and/or advertised, there may be literally hundreds of applications. You must therefore find some way of enticing the reader of your resume to want to read further than just the first few lines and also to be excited enough about what is there to then want to invite you in for an interview. A reader will not have the trouble of having to wade through too much reading and to sift out this information for themselves. They don't have time for that (remember, they have a large pile of resumes in front of them and yours is just one such!).
Angela deFreitas is general manager of Choices Career Advice, Kingston.