Friday, January 29, 2010


Last lap, would you call it? En route home.
Dominica was great, Antigua exhilarating and St. Vincent a real BLAST! Who would believe so much could be done in one short Vincy day. Flying from the leeward side to the windward side, visiting schools along the way and taking in some of the most awesome coastal scenes too - the Grenadines look like just a stone's throw away, lying - or sitting - out there, so majestic and fairy tale-like. Picture postcards could not look better.
Presentations on the subject "Skills You Win; No Skills You Lose" have gone over very well in each island with the subject matter sparking interest and lively discussion and participation from attendees in meetings in each territory.
Nearly did not reach T & T last night as LIAT left early by 25 minutes - once again we all arived and deplaned in the fashion statement of the moment - the blue LIAT raincoats - rain, rain, rain beautiful rain met us as we landed.
But, who has ever heard of a plane leaving EARLY? I literally raced through the departure terminal and flew through immigration and security just in time to jump into my seat before the door closed. The last voice I heard before leaving the departure gate was asking "Is your name Angela?" Yes, was the answer. "Well please get on that plane; now!" (very gently but very firmly)..... more stories on Caribbean travel come.