Wednesday, April 7, 2010

“CHOICES Can Help You Decide”

Message from Jamaica’s Minister of Education, Hon. Andrew Holness,
for CHOICES Career & Education Expo
Kingston leg - March 2010

I congratulate CHOICES Career Advice on staging another CHOICES Career & Education Exposition. Many young people want to choose fulfilling careers, but do not know how to go about doing so. CHOICES must be lauded for providing roadmaps through its expositions and magazines on how to choose careers.

Career planning is the route to career success for many persons. Young people, you can be successful without career planning, but that’s a hit or miss approach. To ensure you are successful in life, plan the path you want to take and work to achieve your goals. This process assumes you know enough to choose the path you want to take, I am sure some of you do while others do not have a clue. CHOICES can help you decide what it is you like, what you are good at and the direction you want to go.

As young people thinking about your futures, you have the chance to confront and change the problems besetting Jamaica. You have the opportunity to say yes to what's best in your communities and to say no to what's worst in your communities. You have a chance to say, through your career choices as well as through you decisions concerning the kinds of lives you want to lead, the type of society in which you want to live.

I hope that many of you, as you pursue your careers and your lives, will help to lead the nation in a direction that will push it toward growth and prosperity.

Thank you.


Ruthibelle said...

well done CHOICES!!

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